Strategic communications for businesses, organisations and individuals.

Founded by former PR consultant, writer and journalist, Sarah Jane Chapman, The Good Copy Company helps businesses, organisations and individuals connect with their audiences by communicating more effectively.

Whether it’s a communications strategy, report, website or speech, we’ll find the right words – and the right way – to get your message across. 

Sarah Jane has advised and written for the UK Government, the UN, public organisations and institutions, several leading UK and international independent schools and a variety of businesses and high profile individuals within a range of sectors.

We are experts at transforming complex, technical or simply disorganised information into clear, concise and compelling narrative. We are not put off by conflicting information from multiple sources. We will distil and demystify, delivering a consistent message that resonates with audiences, whatever the industry.

Since 2015, The Good Copy Company has helped communicate change, raise profiles and protect reputations. How do we know we are doing a good job? Our clients come back to us, time and again.