Sarah Jane has written for clients in a range of sectors including health, education, development, charitable, financial services, recruitment and real estate. She has also achieved substantial media coverage for clients, particularly for independent schools, in response to her press releases. Some of our work is confidential and cannot be reproduced. This is a small selection of writing and media coverage by Sarah Jane and The Good Copy Company.


Explaining Pandemic Flu

WHO Bulletin News, November 2003

WHO Bulletin Photo Special, January 2004

WHO Bulletin News, January 2004

WHO Bulletin, In Focus, June 2004

WHO Bulletin, In Focus, July 2004

WHO Bulletin News, July 2004


Health is Global

Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Poster for WHO



UCL Partners – Creating Europe’s largest Academic Health Science Partnership


Why A level students are no longer capable of writing well reasoned essays, by Rugby School Headmaster, Patrick Derham


The Times, Opinion, The letter John Prescott failed to learn, by Rugby School Headmaster, Patrick Derham


Designing alternatives to A levels, The Guardian, Letters; by Rugby School Headmaster, Patrick Derham


Media Release for Wellington College


Overcoming the malaise of low aspirations, Financial Times, letters; by Rugby School Headmaster, Patrick Derham

Please click here for examples of media coverage achieved for independent schools. (This section is under construction.) A full portfolio of media coverage is available in hard copy on request.

Real Estate

The-Good-Copy-Company-Sarah-Jane-Chapman-Press-release-for-Brooks-Marshall-press- release

Press release for Brooks Marshall

The-Good-Copy-Company-Sarah-Jane-Chapman-Brochure text for Lolly Agency

Brochure text for Lolly Agency